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Canterbury Scaffolding, Scaffolding Christchurch and Canterbury, Erect Scaffolding LTD
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Scaffolding Canterbury. Erect Scaffolding LTD.

Covering Christchurch and the Canterbury region

Erect Scaffolding LTD, Canterbury Scaffolders, Christchurch and Canterbury Scaffolding for Residential Scaffolding Canterbury, Commercial Scaffolding covering Christchurch and Canterbury Scaffolding. Industrial Scaffolders Canterbury.


There’s a guy in Christchurch called Sebastiaan Bastiaanse, who has a thing about heights and mazes. The two don’t seem obvious companions but when you look at a building encased in a web of intricate scaffolding you can understand that Connection is Key.

Sebastiaan Bastiaanse is the director of Erect Scaffolding Christchurch, a company that specialises in providing exemplary scaffolding products and services to roofers, painters, builders and contractors in the Amberley, Christchurch, Canterbury Region, Hurunui, Rangiora and Rolleston areas.

The team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch are all craftsmen in their own right … specialists in their field. Sebastiaan and his crew get great satisfaction in making those scaffold connections fit together, safely, effectively and cost efficiently.

The computer designer who created the Windows screen saver ‘3D Pipes’ must have been a scaffolder at heart. The intricate connections of this hypnotic animation look a bit like the equipment our team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch use – and both are a work of art.

Highly trained and SARNZ (Scaffolding, Access & Rigging New Zealand Inc.) qualified, Sebastiaan’s team are also friendly and 100% health and safety focussed. They see your job as a challenge to be met by creating the appropriate scaffolding solution for almost any requirement.

Their dedication reflects the pride this team take in keeping your construction safe, secure and supported while major work is carried out.

Call us at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch for all your residential, commercial, industrial or civil scaffolding requirements. We also supply on-site fencing to ensure your property, materials and the passing public are kept safe.

We are experts in supplying:

  • Platforms
  • Edge Protection
  • Mobile Scaffolds
  • Roof Protection
  • On-site Fencing
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Propping.

For all Scaffolding Canterbury call Erect Scaffolding LTD

Our scaffolding skills are second to none

Scaffolding Canterbury.

Canterbury Scaffolders Erect Scaffolding LTD. Commercial and Industrial Scaffolding Canterbury region, Residential Scaffolding Christchurch and Canterbury Region.

The Team:

A  head for heights.

You might think having a head for heights is essential to be a good scaffolder. That’s certainly true but enjoying a bird’s eye view on the world is just one small benefit.

The team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch love the lofty heights they encounter daily, but their attention rarely strays from the job at hand. With stringent health and safety processes always front of mind, their focus is disciplined to the degree that you can be assured your job will be completed to the highest possible industry standards and within deadline.

The team that makes this happen is headed by Director Sebastiaan Bastiaanse.

Working with Sebastiaan are senior members Jesse Campbell  Korban Bastiaanse and Sam Freeman. All are qualified with the SARNZ (Scaffolding, Access & Rigging New Zealand Inc.) Scaffolding Certificate of Competence and National Certificate in Scaffolding as well as holding first aid certificates and the mandatory health and safety certifications.

  • Jesse’s has five years’ scaffold supervising experience and the right quals being a National Certificate in Advanced Scaffolding (Level 5), a National Certificate in Suspended Scaffolding (Level 4) and a current SARNZ Certificate of Competence – Suspended Advanced.
  • Korban has four years’ scaffold experience and a National Certificate in Intermediate Scaffolding (Level 4). Korban holds a current SARNZ Certificate of Competence – Intermediate.
  • Sam Freeman has four years’ scaffold experience and a National Certificate in Elementary Scaffolding (Level 3). Sam holds a current SARNZ Certificate of Competence – Level 3.

All other staff employed as the contract demands it are police checked and Site Safe Building Construction Passport holders. These are the frontline workers who make all the difference in completing your job on time, within budget and with public and personal safety paramount.

Qualifications, experience, attitude, aptitude – Tick

Erect Scaffolding LTD Canterbury Scaffolding Services, Christchurch Canterbury
Scaffolding Christchurch and Canterbury, Erect Scaffolding LTD

Scaffolding Canterbury. 

Scaffolding Services Canterbury for all Scaffolding Canterbury call Erect Scaffolding LTD Erect Scaffolding LTD, Scaffolders Canterbury, Scaffolders Christchurch and Canterbury Region. Scaffolding Systems to suit Residential Industrial and Commercial Scaffolding projects in Christchurch and Canterbury.

Scaffolding Services:

Solutions for every scaffolding scenario.

Erect Scaffolding Christchurch have a scaffolding system to suit any requirement, large or small, industrial or commercial. We offer expert advice, backed up by the installation and maintenance of our quality scaffolding equipment and guaranteed by our allegiance to Work Safe practices.

Our services encompass customer-oriented solutions which mean we will have your project stabilised and accessible at all heights and in all areas for your work to commence on time.

The scale of the task can range from highly complicated commercial or industrial right through to minor residential scaffold application; all our jobs receive the same level of professionalism and respect.

The services Erect Scaffolding Christchurch offer are all fully compliant, industry standard and carried out by our SARNZ qualified and certified installers:

  • Platforms to provide a safe, weight sensitive and stable base for working on as well as ensuring staff and site are protected from falls and falling objects
  • Edge protection and guard rails to keep workers safe and materials enclosed
  • Mobile scaffolding as an alternative to extensive scaffolding to provide fast, easy access to all work areas
  • Temporary fences keep tools and equipment secure, hazards enclosed and passing public safe
  • Roof protection which is adjusted to the pitch angle. Prevents falls and protects ground staff
  • Shrink wrap weather-proofs the building and contains pollutants, dust and debris
  • Propping (falsework) provides appropriate support equipment to uphold the structure while it is vulnerable.

Erect Scaffolding Christchurch are 100% committed in all aspects of our work: skill, health and safety, communication, time management and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Call us to get the results you need


Scaffolding Canterbury.

Health and Safety:

Keeping everything on the straight and narrow.

The team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch have a mandate that all follow to the nth degree: To manage risk in a way that demonstrates the utmost level of Good Practice standards.

Operating in a safe and healthy environment is vital to the longevity of both workers and the continuation of the business as an entity. That’s why we take risk management very seriously to ensure the safety of employees, tradesmen and people in the wider community.

The governing directive is The Health and Safety at Work Act, 2016 which created the Work Safe guidelines for our industry. This manual reflects the objectives laid out by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, Immigration NZ, accredited training providers and other affiliated trade associations.

Erect Scaffolding Christchurch have both a Safety Officer and a Health and Safety Representative and all our staff have first aid certificates under their belts.

A Site Safe checklist is used on every project. This ensures that hazards have been identified, and that scaffold has been erected and inspected by a certified worker.

All our employees hold Building Construction Passports through Site Safety and a Full Task Analysis is completed prior to our onsite commencement.

Our team leaders are SARNZ qualified and are fully competent in all relevant aspects of scaffolding practice.

For all Scaffolding Canterbury call Erect Scaffolding LTD

If safety is important you need us on the job


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